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Discover the unique blend of progressive rock and electronic sounds in Muse's iconic album, Black Holes And Revelations, now available on vinyl at the shop. This extraordinary album effortlessly combines progressive rock with electronic elements, creating a mind-bending musical experience.


Take a Bow :Opening with a dramatic flourish, "Take a Bow" sets the tone for the entire album. The combination of Matt Bellamy's soaring vocals, sweeping orchestral arrangements, and thunderous guitars creates an intense and epic atmosphere. This track demands your attention right from the start, leaving you craving more.

Starlight: Starlight" effortlessly blends catchy melodies with introspective lyrics. Its infectious chorus and shimmering guitars make it an instant favorite. The vinyl format adds a layer of warmth to the already inviting sound, creating an immersive listening experience.

Supermassive Black Hole: « Supermassive Black Hole. »is a sonic vortex." The groovy bassline and infectious beats will have you moving and grooving in no time. This track perfectly showcases Muse's ability to infuse rock with electronic elements, resulting in a genre-defying masterpiece.

Map of the Problematique: A hauntingly beautiful track, "Map of the Problematique" delves into the depths of introspection. The mesmerizing synth layers, coupled with Bellamy's emotional delivery, create a truly captivating ambiance.

Muse's Black Holes And Revelations on vinyl is an absolute must-have for music enthusiasts seeking a captivating and unique sonic experience. From the opening track to the closing notes, this album takes you on a remarkable journey through Muse's extraordinary musical universe. The vinyl format adds an extra layer of warmth and depth to the already impressive sound, making it an essential addition to any collection.

Each track on Black Holes And Revelations showcases Muse's remarkable talent for blending genres and pushing musical boundaries. From the epic and grandiose to the introspective and thought-provoking, this album captivates listeners with its masterful songwriting, impeccable musicianship, and electrifying energy.

Label : Warner Records/‎Helium 3 ‎
Release : 2020


Position Title/Credits
A1 Take A Bow
A2 Starlight
A3 Supermassive Black Hole
A4 Map Of The Problematique
A5 Soldier's Poem
A6 Invincible
B1 Assassin
B2 Exo-Politics
B3 City Of Delusion
B4 Hoodoo
B5 Knights Of Cydonia