The Heliocentrics ‎– Telemetric Sounds




Product type: LP


Label: Madlib Invazion 
Released : 2020

For the discerning music lover and vinyl enthusiast, The Heliocentrics ‎- Telemetric Sounds is a must-have addition to any collection. This experimental jazz-funk fusion album, released in 2020 by the London-based group, is a testament to their innovative and unique sound.

From the opening track, "Space Cake," the listener is immediately transported into a psychedelic soundscape that seamlessly blends live instrumentation with electronic production. The complex percussion, funky basslines, and ethereal melodies all come together to create a truly immersive listening experience.

One of the standout tracks on the album is "Elephant Walk," which features a hypnotic groove and layers of swirling synths. The saxophone and trumpet solos add a jazzy touch to the track, while the electronic elements keep it modern and fresh.

"Telemetric Sounds," the album's title track, showcases the band's ability to create mood and atmosphere with their music. The track is a journey through a cosmic landscape that is both haunting and beautiful.

Whether you're listening to it on a lazy Sunday afternoon or getting lost in the music during a late-night session, this album is sure to delight and inspire.


Position Title/Credits Duration
A1 Telemetric Sounds
A2 Devastation
B1 Space Cake
B2 Rehearsal 24
B3 Shattered Mind
B4 The Opening
B5 Left To Our Own Devices