Louis Fontaine - Ritmi Moderni (Clear Green)




Product type: LP


Dive into the fascinating universe of Louis Fontaine, an Italian composer hailing from the outskirts of Milan.

"Ritmi Moderni" is an album inspired by library music from the 1960s and 1970s, with each track leading to a different story. The idea is that by listening to each piece one after another, each title offers a dive into different universes, through different images, stories, places, and landscapes.

It is a colorful album, reflecting the stories it tells. In most of the tracks, rhythm forms the basis of the musical composition, but the search for themes and melodies remains the focal point of each piece. Each theme can be associated with a visual story.


La Mer : The track refers to the sea, a powerful element closely associated with the life and death of the composer. Through the use of specific textures and arrangements, "La Mer" seeks to evoke the iconic electronic soundscapes that defined de Roubaix's music at the time. With this piece, Louis Fontaine pays homage to the legacy of a true pioneer of electronic music and transports listeners to an era of experimental sound.

 In Motion : « In Motion » stands out as the most electronic track on the album, offering a captivating sonic experience. The moving rhythms are created by the combination of a drum machine with percussion and drum samples, accompanied by a groovy bass loop generously performed on an analog synthesizer. Two distinct musical passages, called "bridges," add a special dimension to the overall composition. The first unfolds with an enchanting synth sound, with wah-wah tones, while the second is played on the electric bass, adorned with a distortion effect that gives it a palpable intensity. These bridges cleverly prepare the ground for the chorus, which stands out with the introduction of a synth or brass executing a dissonant melody, closely followed by the unmistakable sound of the Solina String Machine, adding an airy dimension to the refrain. Throughout the track, delicate analog synth sounds intertwine, paying homage to the late '70s French electro scene. More precisely, these sounds draw inspiration from the "pop/rock/psychedelic" nuances cherished by Pierre Henry, creating a unique and enchanting atmosphere.

Label : Broc Recordz
Release : 2023


Position Title/Credits Duration
1. La Mer 3:42
2. Mondi Paralleli 2:18
3. Nuages 2:43
4. Voyage Cosmique 2:27
5. Temps Suspendu 4:01
6. In Motion 4:23
7. Computer Psichico 2:35
8. Mirage 3:38
9. Ritmi Moderni 3:00
10. Les Explorateurs 1:55