Forever Pavot ‎– Bande Originale Du Film Babysitter




Product type: LP


Label : BMM Records
Release : 2023 (first press)

Forever Pavot's "Bande Originale Du Film Babysitter" is a mesmerizing soundtrack that transports listeners to a world of cinematic delight and a psychedelic adventure. The French band has masterfully crafted a score that evokes the whimsical and surreal atmosphere of the 1970s. The use of retro synths, funky guitar riffs, and hypnotic percussion creates a dreamy soundscape that perfectly captures the mood of the film.

One of the standout tracks is "Babysitter Galactica," which features a groovy bassline and trippy synthesizers that will make you want to get up and dance. "La Soucoupe Volante" is another highlight, with its pulsating beats and otherworldly sounds that transpot you to another dimension. Each track on the album is a delightful journey through a world of sound and imagination.

From the funky and groovy opening track "The Most Expensive Chocolate Eggs" to the dreamy and atmospheric "Vie Eternelle" and the hauntingly beautiful "Le Bracelet", the album is a masterclass in creating evocative and emotionally resonant music that immerses the listener in a world of its own.

The album's blend of French chanson, 60s psychedelia, and film score-inspired arrangements creates a unique and captivating listening experience that is sure to delight fans of experimental and boundary-pushing music.  It's a unique and captivating listening experience that will leave you wanting more..



Position Title/Credits Duration
A1 Roller 3:46
A2 Générique Début 1:38
A3 Du Suspense 1:18
A4 Dans La Piscine 1:53
A5 Chantal 1:47
A6 Deux Minutes 2:01
A7 Roller 2 2:18
A8 La Lettre 1:05
A9 Bébé 0:27
B1 Ambiance Restaurant 2:31
B2 Jardin 1:13
B3 Best-Seller 0:43
B4 La Lettre 2 1:25
B5 Parking 0:53
B6 Strap On 1:55
B7 Ambiance Restaurant 2 1:36
B8 Best-Seller 2 0:43
B9 Générique Fin 3:44