Dizzee Rascal ‎– Boy In Da Corner - 20th Anniversary (White/Yellow /Black)



Collections: 3xLP, COLORED, HIP HOP, RAP UK

Product type: LP


Label : XL Recordings
Release : 2023

From the moment you drop the needle on this anniversary edition, you're greeted with the raw, unfiltered energy that made Dizzee Rascal a pioneer in the grime scene. The album's authenticity, characterized by gritty beats and unapologetic lyrics, remains as powerful as it was two decades ago.

For those who witnessed the album's impact in its early days, this vinyl is a nostalgic journey back to the roots of grime. For newcomers, it's a chance to experience the genre in its purest form, with Dizzee Rascal's sharp lyricism and innovative production techniques.

"Sittin' Here" - The opening track sets the tone with its reflective lyrics and a beat that encapsulates the essence of East London streets.

"I Luv U" - A grime anthem that captures the unfiltered intensity of Dizzee Rascal's early work, showcasing his ability to blend urban sounds with razor-sharp lyricism.

"Fix Up, Look Sharp" - A timeless classic that still dominates speakers with its infectious hook and Dizzee's signature flow.


Position Title/Credits
A1 Sittin' Here
A2 Stop Dat
A3 I Luv U
A4 Brand New Day
B1 2 Far
B2 Fix Up, Look Sharp
B3 Cut 'Em Off
B4 Hold Ya Mouf
C1 Round We Go
C2 Jus A Rascal
C3 Wot U On
D1 Jezebel
D2 Seems 2 Be
D3 Live O
D4 Do It
E1 Vexed
E2 Streeet Fighter
E3 Win
E4 We Aint Havin It
E5 Kryme
E6 Ready 4 War
F1 Street Fighter (Instrumental)
F2 Go (Instrumental)
F3 Ho (Instrumental)
F4 String Ho (Instrumental)
F5 Ting Ting (Instrumental)
F6 Wheel (Instrumental)