Czarface ‎– The Odd Czar Against Us



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Product type: LP


Label : Silver Age
Release : 2019

Czarface's "The Odd Czar Against Us is a dynamic and powerful album that showcases the trio's unique sound and lyrical prowess. The vinyl version of this album is a must-have for any true hip-hop fan and collector.

From start to finish, "The Odd Czar Against Us" is a tour-de-force of hard-hitting beats, intricate rhymes, and expertly crafted production. The album's standout tracks include "The Gift That Keeps on...," "Czar Wars," and "Call Me." Each song is a carefully crafted gem that showcases the group's technical skills and artistic vision.

The vinyl edition of "The Odd Czar Against Us" is a stunning piece of art in itself, with a beautiful cover featuring striking artwork created by legendary comic book artist Esad Ribic. The vinyl itself is pressed on high-quality, heavyweight vinyl, ensuring that the album sounds as good as it looks.

This album is a true gem of modern hip-hop music, and the vinyl edition is the perfect way to experience it.


Position Title/Credits
A1 Bizarro
A2 Call Me
A3 The Gift That Keeps On...
A4 Me's Company
A5 Dear Computer
A6 Burrito
B1 Brother Czarquis
B2 Couch
B3 Double Dragon
B4 The Problem With Frank
B5 Dog
B6 Czartis Gilmore (The Cool Down)