Blur ‎– Parklife




Product type: Double LP


Label : Food / Parlophone
Release : 2018

Blur's "Parklife" is a landmark album in the British music scene of the 90s. With its upbeat and catchy tracks, this album marked the pinnacle of Blur's career. The band's fusion of pop, rock and punk creates an irresistible energy that permeates the entire record.

The opening track "Girls and Boys" sets the tone with its pulsating beat and memorable chorus, instantly drawing listeners in. The title track "Parklife" showcases Blur's unique style with its spoken-word verses and sing-along chorus. Other standout tracks include "End of a Century" and "To the End", which features a guest appearance by French singer Francoise Hardy.

But what sets "Parklife" apart is the attention to detail in its production. The album is meticulously crafted, with layers of instrumentation that give each track a distinct personality. From the soaring strings on "Badhead" to the playful brass section on "Jubilee", each song is a testament to the band's musical prowess.

Overall, "Parklife" is a timeless classic that has stood the test of time. Its influence on the British music scene is immeasurable, and its songs continue to resonate with audiences today. For any fan of Britpop or 90s music, this album is an absolute must-have.


Position Title/Credits
A1 Girls & Boys
A2 Tracy Jacks
A3 End Of A Century
B1 Parklife
B2 Bank Holiday
B3 Badhead
B4 The Debt Collector
B5 Far Out
C1 To The End
C2 London Loves
C3 Trouble In The Message Centre
C4 Clover Over Dover
D1 Magic America
D2 Jubile
D3 This Is A Low
D4 Lot 105