BadBadNotGood ‎– Talk Memory



Collections: JAZZ, LP

Product type: Double LP


Label: XL Recordings
Release: 2021

BadBadNotGood's Talk Memory is a genre-defying masterpiece that pushes the boundaries of modern music. From the moment you drop the needle on this vinyl record, you're transported into a world of sonic exploration—a world where jazz harmonies meet hip-hop beats and electronic textures in perfect harmony.

One of the standout features of Talk Memory is BadBadNotGood's exceptional musicianship. Each track is a testament to the band's technical prowess and creative vision, with intricate arrangements and mesmerizing improvisations that keep you hooked from start to finish. Whether they're weaving complex melodies on the keys or laying down infectious grooves on the drums, BadBadNotGood proves themselves to be masters of their craft.

But Talk Memory is more than just a display of musical virtuosity—it's also a deeply emotive and immersive listening experience. From the haunting melodies of "Signal From The Noise" to the hypnotic rhythms of "Beside April," each track on the album evokes a range of emotions and transports listeners to new and unexpected places.

One of the most impressive aspects of Talk Memory is its seamless fusion of different musical styles and influences. Drawing inspiration from jazz legends like John Coltrane and Miles Davis, as well as contemporary hip-hop and electronic artists, BadBadNotGood creates a sound that is both timeless and cutting-edge.


Position Title/Credits
A1 Signal From The Noise
A2 Unfolding (Momentum 73)
B1 City Of Mirrors
B2 Beside April
C1 Love Proceeding
C2 Open Channels
D1 Timid, Intimidating
D2 Beside April 
D3 Talk Meaning