Action Bronson – Mr. Wonderful (Repress)



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Product type: LP


Label : Atlantic / Vice Records
Release : 2022

Action Bronson's "Mr. Wonderful" is an album that delivers on all fronts. Released in 2015, it's a perfect representation of the rapper's witty lyricism and unique style, blending traditional hip-hop elements with a hint of jazz and soul. 

From the opening track, "Brand New Car," to the closing ballad, "Easy Rider," Action Bronson takes listeners on a journey through his world, sharing stories and experiences with his signature brand of humor and charisma. The beats are infectious, with samples that range from soulful and jazzy to more electronic and modern.

What sets "Mr. Wonderful" apart from other rap albums is Action Bronson's ability to create a sense of nostalgia and familiarity, while still pushing boundaries with his unique delivery and lyrical style. Tracks like "The Rising" and "Terry" are prime examples of this, blending classic boom-bap beats with Bronson's sharp-tongued rhymes and witty wordplay.

Overall, "Mr. Wonderful" is an album that showcases Action Bronson's immense talent as a rapper and lyricist. The vinyl version, with its warm sound and beautiful artwork, is a great addition to any collection.


Brand New Car 2:21
The Rising 4:02
Terry 4:49
Actin Crazy 3:59
Falconry 2:30
Thug Love Story 2017 The Musical (Interlude) 2:19
City Boy Blues 4:05
A Light In The Addict 5:56
Baby Blue 4:40
Only In America 4:14
Galactic Love 2:27
The Passage (Live From Prague) 3:37
Easy Rider 4:19