Sepultura ‎– Roots



Collections: 2xLP, METAL, ROCK

Product type: Double LP


Label : Roadrunner Records
Release : 2017

If you're a fan of heavy metal, particularly the thrash metal subgenre, the vinyl album "Roots" by Sepultura is an absolute must-have.
"Roots" is a testament to Sepultura's mastery of thrash metal. With blistering guitar riffs, thunderous drumming, and aggressive vocals, the album delivers an intense and unforgettable musical experience.
What sets "Roots" apart from other thrash metal albums is its incorporation of Brazilian tribal elements. The use of percussion and chanting adds a distinctive layer to the music, creating a sonic fusion that's both innovative and captivating.



Position Title/Credits
A1 Roots Bloody Roots
A2 Attitude
A3 Cut-Throat
A4 Ratamahatta
A5 Breed Apart
A6 Straighthate
B1 Spit
B2 Lookaway
B3 Dusted
B4 Born Stubborn
B5 Jasco
B6 Itsári
B7 Ambush
C1 Endangered Species
C2 Dictatorshit
Bonus Tracks
C3 Ratamahatta (2 Meter Sessions)
C4 Roots Bloody Roots (2 Meter Sessions)
C5 Attitude (2 Meter Sessions)
C6 Kaiowas (Take 1, Previously Unreleased)
D1 Procreation [Of The Wicked]
D2 Roots Bloody Roots (Demo)
D3 Attitude (Instrumental Rough Mix)
D4 Cutthroat (Instrumental Rough Mix)
D5 Dictatorshit (Instrumental Rough Mix)
D6 Untitled (Demo)
D7 R.D.P. (Demo)
D8 Dusted (Demo)