Korn - Follow The Leader - 2xLP



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Product type: Double LP


Label : Sony Music
Release : 2018

If you're craving a dose of raw, unfiltered nu-metal energy, Korn's "Follow The Leader" is the sonic grenade you've been searching for.

"Follow The Leader" is the album that catapulted Korn to the forefront of the nu-metal movement. The opening track, "It's On!," sets the tone with its blistering aggression and unforgettable hooks. The album oozes with anger, introspection, and a touch of darkness that resonated with a generation of music lovers.

James "Munky" Shaffer and Brian "Head" Welch's guitar work is nothing short of wizardry on this album. From the eerie melodies of "Freak on a Leash" to the sonic onslaught of "Got the Life," their riffage is a relentless force. Meanwhile, Fieldy's basslines hit like a sledgehammer, providing the perfect foundation for Korn's sound.

Jonathan Davis's vocals are the heart and soul of "Follow The Leader." His emotional range is staggering, from the haunting whispers in "Dead Bodies Everywhere" to the ferocious screams in "Seed." Davis bares his soul in every lyric, making it impossible not to feel the intensity of his words.

What makes this album truly exceptional is its ability to seamlessly blend heavy, chaotic moments with introspective, melodic interludes. Tracks like "Children of the Korn" and "Cameltosis" showcase Korn's willingness to experiment with their sound, pushing the boundaries of what nu-metal could be.

In the pantheon of nu-metal classics, "Follow The Leader" stands tall and proud. It's a raw, unapologetic journey through the dark corners of the human psyche, set to an unforgettable sonic backdrop. If you're looking for an album that's as heavy as it is soul-searching, this vinyl pressing deserves a spot in your collection.


Position Title/Credits
A1 It's On!
A2 Freak On A Leash
A3 Got The Life
B1 Dead Bodies Everywhere
B2 Children Of The Korn
B3 B.B.K.
B4 Pretty
C1 All In The Family
C2 Reclaim My Place
C3 Justin
D1 Seed
D2 Cameltosis
D3 My Gift To You