Green Day ‎– American Idiot



Collections: 2xLP, POP ROCK, PUNK, ROCK

Product type: Double LP


Label : Reprise Records
Release : 2004(repress)

"American Idiot" isn't just a punk album; it's a powerful commentary on the world and the tumultuous times we live in. The album's themes of disillusionment, political unrest, and the search for identity continue to be relevant, making it a timeless classic.

Billie Joe Armstrong's lyrical prowess is on full display in this album. Tracks like "Holiday" and "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" are punk poetry at its finest, capturing the emotions and frustrations of a generation.

The album is more than a collection of songs; it's a cohesive concept that tells a story from start to finish. The narrative arc and recurring themes make it a true rock opera that's both ambitious and brilliantly executed.

The album cover is as provocative as the music itself. Featuring a heart-shaped hand grenade and an American flag, it's a powerful symbol of dissent and rebellion.

"American Idiot" marked a resurgence of punk rock, drawing a new generation into the genre and reminding older fans of its enduring power. The album breathed fresh life into punk, and its influence can be heard in countless bands that followed.

American Idiot is more than an album; it's a cultural touchstone. It's a punk rock manifesto, a timeless commentary, and a defiant call to action that's as relevant today as it was upon its release.

So, drop the needle, let the punk anthems roar, and let "American Idiot" remind you of the power of music to change the world!


Position Title/Credits Duration
A1 American Idiot 2:54
Jesus Of Suburbia (9:07)
A2.I Jesus Of Suburbia
A2.II City Of The Damned
A2.III I Don't Care
A2.IV Dearly Beloved
A2.V Tales Of Another Broken Home
B3 Holiday 3:52
B4 Boulevard Of Broken Dreams 4:20
B5 Are We The Waiting 2:42
B6 St. Jimmy 2:54
C7 Give Me Novacaine 3:25
C8 She's A Rebel 2:00
C9 Extraordinary Girl 3:34
C10 Letterbomb 4:06
C11 Wake Me Up When September Ends 4:44
Homecoming (9:18)
D12.I The Death Of St. Jimmy
D12.II East 12th St.
D12.III Nobody Likes You
D12.IV Rock And Roll Girlfriend
D12.V We're Coming Home Again
D13 Whatsername 4:12