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Product type: LP


Label : Rhymesayers Entertainment
Release : 2011

Evidence's Cats & Dogs is a timeless gem that embodies the essence of true hip-hop artistry. From the moment you drop the needle on this vinyl record, you're greeted with a barrage of head-nodding beats, razor-sharp rhymes, and soulful samples that transport you to the gritty streets of underground rap.

One of the most impressive aspects of Cats & Dogs is Evidence's lyrical prowess. His verses are a testament to his keen observational skills and introspective nature, offering listeners a glimpse into his life, struggles, and triumphs. Whether he's reflecting on the challenges of the music industry or paying homage to his roots, Evidence's authenticity shines through in every word.

But Cats & Dogs is more than just a showcase of Evidence's lyrical talent—it's also a masterclass in production. With its boom-bap beats, jazzy instrumentals, and expertly crafted hooks, the album pays homage to hip-hop's golden era while still pushing the genre forward into new territory.

Another highlight of Cats & Dogs is its stellar lineup of guest features, including appearances from hip-hop heavyweights like Raekwon, Aloe Blacc, and Prodigy. Each collaboration adds depth and dimension to the album, further cementing Cats & Dogs as a classic of the genre.

In conclusion, Evidence's Cats & Dogs is a must-have addition to any vinyl collection. With its authentic sound, insightful lyricism, and stellar production, this album is a true masterpiece of hip-hop craftsmanship. So don't wait—grab your copy of Cats & Dogs on vinyl today and experience the magic for yourself.


Position Title/Credits
A1 The Liner Notes
A2 Stranger
A3 The Red Carpet
A4 It Wasn't Me
B1 I Don't Need Love
B2 You
B3 God Bless That Man 
B4 Fame
C1 James Hendrix
C2 Late For The Sky
C3 Crash
C4 Where You Come From?
D1 To Be Continued
D2 Falling Down
D3 Well Runs Dry
D4 The Epilogue