Emapea ‎– Zoning Out Volume 2 (White & Black Marbled)




Product type: LP


Get ready to groove with Emapea's Zoning Out Volume 2 vinyl album, a unique blend of laid-back beats and captivating melodies. . This exceptional album delivers a seamless fusion of captivating melodies, soothing rhythms, and a relaxed atmosphere that will transport you to a musical paradise

From the moment you drop the needle onto the first track, you're greeted with a sublime combination of soothing melodies that effortlessly wash over you. Emapea's ability to blend jazzy samples, soulful grooves, and hip-hop beats creates a musical tapestry that transcends genres. Each track is meticulously crafted, showcasing the artist's undeniable talent and attention to detail.

Zoning Out Volume 2 is a perfect companion for those seeking a laid-back and mellow vibe. The album's beats are carefully curated to evoke a sense of relaxation and transport you to a serene sonic landscape. The rich atmospheric textures and carefully placed instrumentation create a sonic backdrop that invites introspection and sets the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

Not only does Zoning Out Volume 2 offer a captivating musical experience, but it also showcases top-notch vinyl craftsmanship. The record boasts exceptional sound quality, with each instrument and sample coming through crystal clear. The pressing itself is flawlessly executed, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable listening experience with minimal surface noise.

Emapea's Zoning Out Volume 2 is definitely a must-have addition to any vinyl hiphop, bomba fan. on't miss out on this exceptional vinyl experience—get your hands on Emapea's Zoning Out Volume 2 today and elevate your music collection to new heights

Label : Cold Busted
Release : 2023


Position Title/Credits
A2 Special Update
A3 Flip It Back
A4 Last Cypher
A5 Let It Flow
A6 Big Small Talks
A7 Pretty Ugly
A8 Tantra
A9 Smoking Lounge
B1 Please Chill
B2 Blue Almonds
B3 Headphones Music
B4 Underground Theme
B5 Mad Winter Zone
B6 Feel Over Math
B7 Orange Island
B8 Rainy Day
B9 Roundabout