No Doubt ‎– Tragic Kingdom



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Label : Interscope Records ‎/ Trauma Records
Release : 2022

If you're on the lookout for a vinyl gem that encapsulates the vibrant spirit of '90s ska-pop, look no further than "Tragic Kingdom" by No Doubt.

"Tragic Kingdom" is a ska-pop masterpiece that catapulted No Doubt into mainstream success. The album seamlessly blends ska, punk, and pop influences, creating a sound that's undeniably infectious and distinctly '90s.

Tracklist Highlights:

"Just a Girl" - The anthem that introduced many to Gwen Stefani's distinctive vocals and the band's genre-defying style.

"Spiderwebs" - A ska-infused track with infectious energy and clever lyrics that stick with you.

"Don't Speak" - The emotional ballad that showcases No Doubt's versatility and depth.

"Sunday Morning" - A feel-good ska-pop gem that perfectly captures the band's playful essence.

What makes "Tragic Kingdom" timeless is its infectious energy and Gwen Stefani's charismatic presence. The album's diverse sonic palette and catchy hooks have secured its place as a quintessential '90s classic and owning it on vinyl is like having a piece of '90s nostalgia in your hands

Position Title/Credits Duration
A1 Spiderwebs 4:28
A2 Excuse Me Mr. 3:04
A3 Just A Girl 3:29
A4 Happy Now? 3:43
A5 Different People 4:34
A6 Hey You 3:34
A7 The Climb 6:37
B1 Sixteen 3:21
B2 Sunday Morning 4:33
B3 Don't Speak 4:23
B4 You Can Do It 4:13
B5 World Go 'Round 4:09
B6 End It On This 3:45
B7 Tragic Kingdom 5:31