A Tribe Called Quest ‎– We Got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service



Collections: 2xLP, BOOM BAP, HIP HOP, RAP US

Product type: Double LP


Label : Epic ‎/ Sony Music 
Release : 2018

If you're a true connoisseur of the hip-hop scene, you'll know that A Tribe Called Quest has always held a special place in the genre's history. Their album "We Got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service" is a timeless masterpiece that continues to captivate listeners with its innovative beats and socially-conscious lyricism.

Listening to this album on vinyl is like taking a journey back in time to the golden era of hip-hop. The warmth and depth of the analog sound add a layer of authenticity to the already powerful tracks. From the moment you drop the needle, you're greeted with the signature Tribe vibes that have made them legends in the game.

One of the standout features of this album is the seamless blend of jazz elements into the hip-hop beats. It's a testament to A Tribe Called Quest's musical prowess, as they effortlessly incorporate saxophones, trumpets, and other instruments to create a rich and dynamic sound. Tracks like "We The People...." and "Dis Generation" are perfect examples of this fusion, showcasing the group's ability to push boundaries.

Beyond the incredible instrumentals, "We Got It From Here" doesn't shy away from tackling important social and political issues. Phife Dawg, Q-Tip, and the rest of the crew deliver poignant lyrics that touch on topics like racial injustice, unity, and resilience. It's a reminder that hip-hop has always been a platform for meaningful expression.

For vinyl enthusiasts and Tribe fans alike, owning this album on vinyl is a must. The cover art is a visual treat, and the tactile experience of handling the record is something that digital formats can never replicate. It's not just an album; it's a collector's item that pays homage to a legendary group.


Position Title/Credits Duration
A1 The Space Program
A2 We The People....
A3 Whateva Will Be
A4 Solid Wall of Sound
B1 Dis Generation
B2 Kids...
B3 Melatonin
B4 Enough!!
C1 Mobius
C2 Black Spasmodic
C3 The Killing Season
C4 Lost Somebody
D1 Movin Backwards
D2 Conrad Tokyo
D3 Ego
D4 The Donald